Incorporating Winter Into My Regimen

Incorporating Winter Into My Regimen

Ok so everybody in temperate climates is starting to or already changing up their regimen for the winter months.  Here in Canada our winters are nowhere on the mild side so we have to be especially cognizant of preserving our hair during the long winter months.   I’ll talk about products in another post, but today I wanted to highlight some other aspects that we may not think about that I’ll be incorporating when it comes to my winter regimen.

  1. Headgear – We all know that hats, caps, headwraps etc. are great for protecting our hair and shielding it from the cold air which can dry it out.  But what we may not think about is how damaging the fabric of our choice of headgear can be.  Some fabrics are more prone to  snagging the hair than others.  Fabrics like wool and fleece are particularly guilty.  If possible try to get headgear that is lined with satin or silk to help preserve those tresses.
  2. Scarfs – The same rules for headgear go for scarfs.  Choose a scarf that will not snag your hair.  Pashminas are very popular, but I find that my hair gets snagged in them. This year I’ll be looking for scarfs made of silk or some other smooth fabric that will not snag my hair.
  3. Clothing – Warm clothing is not particularly easy on the hair so whenever possible I’ll be trying to keep my hair off of my clothing.
  4. Humidifiers – Winter means DRY air!  With all the heaters and closed up windows, the air on our houses, apartments, lofts etc. can become dry very quickly.  Dry air results in dry hair.  A humidifier can make a world of difference when it comes to injecting moisture into the air.  Not only  is it good for your hair, but it’s good for your skin and health as well.

What other techniques will you be using this winter?

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