Wedding Hair Part VIII – The Bride

Wedding Hair Part VIII – The Bride

This is the final post of the Wedding Hair series where I will feature the hairstyle I wore on my wedding day.  Let me warn you up-front- it’s a long one:)   If you missed the previous posts in this series, check the bottom of this post for links to those posts.

Style Choice
An updo was my choice of style because I didn’t want to have to be worrying about my hair flopping in the humidity or blowing out of place in the island breezes. The question became what type of updo should I do? A messy updo? A French Knot updo like Loica?  Or maybe a French roll?

I knew I wouldn’t be wearing a tiara because – well tiaras are a tad too girly for my tastes.  I also knew that I wanted something that would give me a different look from my day-to-day styles so that instantly ruled out anything that pulled my hair into the proverbial “one” i.e. buns were out.  Plus I didn’t want anything to high on my head so kaput went some of the other updo styles. I was finding styled I liked, but nothing with the wow-factor.  After months of frustration and not being able to find anything that I absolutely loved at first glance, I decided to approach this style search from a different angle.  Instead of looking for a hairstyle per say I would instead look for a hair accessory that I absolutely loved and then look for a style that would accommodate my hair accessory.

Turns out this was one of the best ideas I could have come up with because I lucked out and found not only the hair accessory but for this particular hair accessory it was being modeled and I loved the style the model was wearing. Problem was you could only see the front of the style! So…. I imagined what the back might look like and went on the hunt for a photo that resembled what I imagined. In the end I combined 2 different styles to come up with the one I eventually wore.

The next hurdle was to find someone that I felt could execute the style flawlessly.  That was a headache – at first.  I hadn’t used a stylist in Barbados for many many years so I was a little weary of trying someone new and considering I’d have to solicit their services all the way from Canada, there was no way that I would have been able to go in for a bridal trail just to satisfy my confidence in their abilities.  Luckily for me, my cousin recommended her stylist.  My cousin’s hair is always “on point” and after visiting this stylist’s Facebook page I felt that she could accomplish the style I was looking for.  Introductions were made and I started communicating back and forth with the stylist.  At one point I had to go to Barbados for my hubbie’s gran’s funeral and I used that opportunity to visit the stylist, let her see my hair etc. so that at least she knew what she would be working with.  Having seen my hair, she suggested using a few tracks to get the body required for the style.  I was a little hesitant because of the horrid experience I had with a weave the year prior, but after weeks of communicating with her and explaining my concerns I felt that I could respect her professional advise and there would be no adverse consequences.

Wedding Week
Fast forward to the week of my wedding…

I had my hair relaxed the Monday before the wedding.  Often times when my hair is freshly relaxed it is very limp so I wanted to at least have a few days for some volume to develop.  On the day before the wedding I had my hair washed and conditioned. She blow dried my hair and added the tracks.  She used  Bobbi Boss Indi Remi Premium Virgin Hair –12″ in colour 1B for the tracks.  Since I was very weave adverse, she only used 4 very small tracks in the middle back of my head where I had experience breakage in the earlier part of the year.  Now this Bobbi Boss is muy expensive – so much so that I gasped when I saw the price.  I was thinking to myself in  the beauty supply store – “You better hell be worth this price”.  I have to say that I was not disappointed.   This hair is  human hair, feels fricking fantabulous and doesn’t have too much shine – it looks very natural.  If you’re splurging on weave – I would highly recommend it.  You can also shampoo and reuse the tracks since it is human hair.

After adding the tracks she applied Nairobi Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion and set my hair on medium-sized rollers.

The following day she styled my hair into a convolution of curls.  Thank you Lisa!!!   Soooo…without further ado, here is my wedding hairstyle (before makeup).  Hope you all like it as much as I did (even though these photos aren’t the best).

This was the final post of this 8-part series.  Thanks for following.

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  1. Wow, it’s beautiful. So elegant. So regal. The accessory just sets it off. Beautiful.
    p.s Your hair looks like it’s grown a bit if that curl on the side wasn’t a track. I love your hair.
    Did this look survive the honey moon?

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    • Thanks LaQT!
      Yes my hair did grow quite a bit, the curl at the side was not a track – only had tracks in the middle back. I have to post up a length check sometime soon. And no that baby didn’t survive the honeymoon lol. I took it down the next day, but kept in the tracks for another 2 weeks. Had no itching issues with this hair this time.

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