Wedding Hair Part VII – Corkscrew Weave

Wedding Hair Part VII – Corkscrew Weave

Next up is Part 7 of our Wedding Hair Series featuring the ladies from my bridal party. If you missed Parts 1 thru 6, check the bottom of this post for links to those posts.

Today’s post features the final natural bridesmaids (who just happens to be my newest sister) who has a melting pot of hair textures. She is the poster child for the number of textures that can exist on one head – from the very coarse to naturally curly. She opted for a weave which she did herself! – Yes I said weave AND herself!

It always impresses me when someone can manoeuvre a needle at the back of their head. Still at a loss as to how she gets it done so easily. Anyways I digress.

Her weave was done using Premium Too Corkscrew in what looks to me like 1B/30 (but I stand corrected about the colour).  She did a simple middle part and let the weave hang on either side of her face.  At the front of the center part, she left out some of her natural hair, applied some gel to the exposed hair and blended it with the corkscrew weave.  Butterfly hair ornaments completed her ensemble.

Stay tuned for the final post of this 8-part series.

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