Wedding Hair Part VI – Piled Cornrows

Wedding Hair Part VI – Piled Cornrows

Today is Part 6 of our Wedding Hair Series featuring the ladies from my bridal party. If you missed Parts 1 thru 5, check the bottom of this post for links to those posts.

Today’s post features another of the natural bridesmaids who has 4b hair.  Her hair is very coarse and extremely coily so can “draw-up” to half  (or less) of its out-stretched length.

Her hair was also braided the day before the wedding.  For her hairstyle, she opted  for a simple style that used traditional cornrows.  The hair was asymmetrically braided into a high ‘pile’ on top of her head.  The ends of hair were then twisted and set on rollers until the morning of the wedding.  The result?? – this super cute style!

As I was writing this post I kept looking at this style and thinking to myself  “what does this remind me of?” Bird’s nest?  Springs? Well it reminds me of spaghetti – yes spaghetti!   A big bowl of it!  Luckily for us there was no spaghetti required for this style 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 7 of this 8-part series.

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  1. Another very cute look. I love how each style was created to enhance each model and I’m sure it captured a bit of their personality. Everyone wore a look that truly worked for them and their hair types. Beautiful.

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