Wedding Hair Part V – Straight Jheri Curl

Wedding Hair Part V – Straight Jheri Curl

Today we’ll cover Part 5 of our Wedding Hair Series featuring the ladies from my bridal party. If you missed Parts 1 thru 4, check the bottom of this post for links to those posts.

Our third bridesmaid normally wears her hair in a Jheri Curl. She has 4b, neck length hair. This bridesmaid also reconsidered changing the style she had originally selected after a visit to her scissor-happy-stylist. Luckily she still had enough hair left to accomplish the style.

Like everyone else, her hair was washed and conditioned the day before but instead of using the activator to revitalize the Jheri curls, our stylist set her hair on small-medium sized rollers as if her hair was relaxed. These were also left in overnight like with all the other ladies.

The end result was similar to the bridesmaid in post #3. Tendrils and butterfly hair accessory also completed her “do”.

If you didn’t know, you couldn’t tell that she normally sports a Jheri curl.  A very different look for her but I quite liked the versatility of being able to be curled one day and straight the next without any chemical processing.

Stay tuned for Part 6 of this 8-part series.

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  1. Wow, her hair came out lovely. No, I couldn’t tell she had a Jheri curl. I didn’t think it could be straightened.

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