Wash Day: Curlformer Results

Wash Day: Curlformer Results

So here are the results of my curlfomers set from yesterday’s wash day. I slept in these things last night.  My goodness that was one of the most uncomfortable night’s rest I’ve ever had!  The things we do for cute hairdos lol.

IMG_0672_WM IMG_0673_WM

In case you’re interested, this is what I used:

  • Kenra MC (as leave-in)
  • Wave Nouveau
  • KeraCare Essential Oils
  • Got2b Smoothing Satin Drops
  • Omnistyler & Water Spritz
  • Long & Narrow Curlformers (I used 48 i.e. 6 packs)
  • Curlformers hook

I didn’t have enough curlformers to do a complete set so I had to do it in 2 sections (note to self that I need to invest in 2 more packs of the narrow culformers). This is not the ideal situation as you have to wait for some of them to dry to re-use them.
Couple things I experienced – curlformers are a great invention, they’re easy to use BUT if not careful you can lose hair in the process if you’re not on top of our technique. So here are a couple pointers:

  1. If you can afford it buy enough curlformers to do your whole head at once.  It saves a ton of time.
  2. I find that if the hook is perpendicular to the curlformer after it is inserted it leads to much less snags.
  3. Once you attach the hook to your hair, you should slide the curlformer over the hook before you start to pull through.  If you try to pull through before, the hook will likely get tangled up in the mesh of the curllformer.
  4. Sections should be comparable to the size of the curlformer. Better to go smaller than bigger. Big sections will be hard to pull through the curlformer and can result in breakage from all the tugging.
  5. Just like a rollerset, the wetter the better. It creates a smoother curl and is easier to pull through.

Author: Vogue

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  1. Hey Girl!

    Thanks for the link to your blog! It is SUPER CUTE and VERY INFORMATIVE! I’m trying to get mine up to par. I’m loving blogging so far.

    BTW- I have the Curlformers too, and I love them!! I have the pink and orange one’s (7 PACKS! LOL!) Your directions are spot on!! Great Job!!! Your hair looks PERFECT!!

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  2. I love the results. I think I will go looking for the long and narrow ones.

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  3. The long and narrow ones give more of a ringlet which I prefer. Let us know how the long and narrow work for you if you try them LaQT.

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  4. Hi,
    I helped to develop Curlformers (in the UK!). We found the best way to avoid tangles is to comb the wet section through, (as you recommend!), pick up the section the width of the Curlformer (excellent advice!), with the hook facing upwards, with your elbow higher than the hook, then let the section go!
    Take the top ring of the Curlformer ONLY and push it towards the scalp and at the same time, draw the hook back through the Curlformer. If you use that technique, you will most likely never again haver a problem with tangles!
    I love your blog and the interest it has created with your fans.

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  5. CUTE! I love my curlformers …. How long did this set last you? I can’t get mine to last more than two days …

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    • 2 is the magic number! I can’t sleep on them and still have them looking fresh the next day. 2 days is the most I’ve been able to wear them as well.

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  6. You should enter the Curlformers contest on NaturallyCurly.com Super easy just submit your photo for a chance to win!

    Show us your best Curlformers Curls look for a chance to win one of FOUR FANTASTIC PRIZES!
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  7. wow your curls looks wonderful. do you think kera care essential oils contributed to the shine.

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  8. Thanks Teetee!! I think the Keracare Essential Oil is partially responsible for the shine but the Got2B Shine drops also helped.

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