To Creamy Crack Or Not To Creamy Crack

To Creamy Crack Or Not To Creamy Crack

mizani_relaxerI’m 9 weeks post tomorrow and the dilemma is – should I apply the creamy crack next week or wait another 3 weeks?  Normally 9 weeks wouldn’t phase me AT ALL….I would have be post 12 weeks to even bat an eye thinking about scheduling my next creamy crack session.  But  not this time around.   After cutting my hair to neck length, I’m finding it challenging to do the protective styles with the new growth and still look “cute”.  There just less flexibility I find without the length to pull it back in a ponytail etc.  My TWP – Teeny Weeny Ponytail just isn’t cutting it for the office.

I really want to stretch my relaxers longer than 2 months.  Before cutting I had no problems stretching for 3 or sometimes 4 months.  For me 12 weeks is ideal cause it equates to 4 relaxers per year, if I cut it down to 8 weeks, that’s 6 relaxers per year- 2 more than I care to do!

So what are my options?

  • give in and relax
  • braid it (but I think this is a waste for just 3 weeks)
  • cornrow the front half of my head and wear the back out

I’m tending towards the last option, it’s the quickest and will help me stretch for at least another week. Only thing stopping me right now is laziness and writing this blog of course lol .

Any suggestions?

PS. A wig would be great right about now! Too bad I don’t have any suitable for the office.

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  1. A braidout/twistout isn’t working for you either?

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