This Rollercoaster of a Hair Journey

This Rollercoaster of a Hair Journey

Hair journeys are particularly marked by ups and downs and for the past two weeks I’ve been challenged by the downs.

Let me explain.  After I got back from vacation I noticed that the nape of my head had a patch. The hair in that area was very short – close to non-existent. Strange considering that all the hair around the same area was at its regular length.  Could it be the beginnings of alopecia?  I hoped not.

A few days later I noticed that sections of my hair were coming out by the handful….I couldn’t understand it;  just the week before I had done a wash and rollerset with excellent results.  What could have changed within a week that so drastically impacted my hair?  I was worried. I’m a heavy shedder but that was an abnormal amount to be considered shedding. I felt like my hair was literally ‘dropping out’.

Frantic, I started to analyze what (if anything) had changed in my regimen or my life that could have affected my hair. Unfortunately a lot had changed:

  1. Skipped my weekly light protein treatments while on vacation
  2. Incorporated two new products to compensate for the products I had left behind
  3. I became  ill and was on multiple medications to help me get through the day

One or a combination of those factors seemed to have a negative impact on my hair.  I still don’t know for sure which one or ones but when my hair started coming out I immediately stopped taking the medications  (apparently I rather be sick than bald lol) and halted the use of all new products.   Since then I’ve reintroduced one of the new products without any negative impact so I’m pretty sure that particular product was not the problem.  The other product (which will remain nameless for now)  I will introduce at a later stage.

As I write this post everything seems to have calmed down. As concerned as I was, I was determined not to become anal about it because that might have made the situation worse.  I’ve accepted that this is all part of quest for healthier hair….just another plunge on this rollercoaster of a hair journey.

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  1. Girl, I am experiencing MAJOR shedding too but i am on antibiotics now so I know that is the cause…I bet you its those meds you took for illness…roller coaster is right…chin up my dear at least you sourced the problem.

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    • Thanks for the encouraging words Tania. I hope your situation sorts itself out too.

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