Style Snapshot: Spiral Curls

Style Snapshot: Spiral Curls

Some weeks ago I tried a straw set using a different product and a new technique.  I used the Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue and when I wrapped the hair around the Strawllers I did it so that the hair only covered the half of the roller closest to my scalp.  My intent was to create a tighter, shorter curl to give the appearance of a short naturally curly bob.  I was desperate to find a use for the Curly Meringue and to be honest I was impressed with the tight curls I was able to achieve with the this product (if you’re interested you can check out the full review here).

I did the style 2 successive weeks.  The results were better the first week, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pics that time.  The photos you will see below were taken at the second attempt with the Curly Meringue.  After removing the rollers I separated each spiral by twirling a small section around my finger  that was covered in a small amount of Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Butter.  The style can last a week…if taken care of properly.  I moisturized with Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk on some days and Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Cream on others.  The hair milk has a high water content that can lead to frizzies so I was conscious not to use too much.  Keracare Essential oils was my sealing oil of choice.  At night I slept in my Prettywrap Scarf.

As the week progressed I did experience some fuzzing, but in all fairness that is inevitable unless you plan to never touch your hair AND sleep standing up.  I love my sleep too much to make that kind of sacrifice so bring on the fuzzzies.

To be honest the style took some getting used to.  I always struggle with styles that are above my ears.  Somehow I never think that they suit me…make me look too mature, but I received numerous compliments from both males and females, but especially males.  They thought the look was well suited for my face and that I should wear my hair that way more often.  Maybe if I wasn’t so lazy I would consider it, but I honestly cannot see myself doing a Strawllers set every single week.

This style is one for the “keepers chest”.

The first set of pics are after it was freshly done.  I’m 9 weeks post.  You can see the tightness of the spirals.  I still have in a headband to keep them out of my face.

The second set of pics are taken a couple days later.  I’m 10 weeks post.  You can see the fuzzing I mentioned earlier in the rightmost pic.

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  1. I agree, this is a very cute look. To me the curls look perfect. Very shiny. Great style.

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