I’m almost 4 months post so I don’t have to tell you how much of a challenge it is to tame the new growth! More on why I’m 4 months post later.

A few weeks ago, a friend shipped me a package that I had sent to her place and long since forgotten. When I opened it, there in front my face were 2 packs of Strawllers! I was so excited because I had clearly forgotten that I’d even purchased them many weeks before. Well what to do with 2 new packs of Strawllers but use them of course! Added to my existing arsenal, I now had 4 packs of the 5″ Strawllers for a total of 96 Strawllers.

I proceeded to Strawllerize (yes I’ve coined a verb) my hair that weekend, but I wanted to make it better than any other time I’d done it AND I wanted it to survive at least a week considering that the time investment for this kind of set is astronomical!

My friends I’m happy to report that not only did I succeed but I exceeded my expectations.

This time I did a couple things differently:

  1. I used Mizani Coconut Souffle and Naroibi Foam Wrapp It Shine Foam Lotion.  I love both of these products.
  2. I used smaller sections believe it or not.
  3. Once the curls were dried and unraveled into multiple spirals per curl, I froze the set with a product I bought on a whim – Aussie Instant Freeze!
  4. Wore a bonnet cap to bed each night.

Step 1

There’s not much difference in the actual technique I used the very first time I did this kind of set, but by using different products I was able to accomplish a much better-looking and more lasting style.  Just goes to show how products (or lack of the right product) can make or break your style.  Coconut Souffle is a nice moisturizer and Nairobi gives you good hold, that is soft to the touch.

Step 2

I decided I would use smaller sections.  I no longer had to worry about running out of Strawllers so I figured why not!?  A couple hours into it, I felt like kicking myself and quitting because I started doing the set after 8pm and by 10 I was nowhere near done and my hands were extremely tired.  I pushed through however and I was glad in the end because the result was so worth it!   Small sections are key as I repeated another set since this one with larger sections and the results were good but not as good as this time.

Step 3

I love the Strawller curls, but my long-time issue was that it never lasted me a full week before being sweated out or flattened as I slept.  I went to the pharmacy and Aussie Instant Freeze caught my eye.  I didn’t buy it based on any recommendation but solely because my mother used to use an Aussie Mousse way back “in the day” and it smelled absolutely divine – Y’all know how I am when it comes to sweet smells.   I do have to say that this product does contain alcohol so it is probably not the best for the hair as is the case with any spritz with alcohol, but let me tell you, when they said freeze they meant FREEZE!  But not so that it was too stiff. My spirals were still able to achieve movement. It was incredible how this product helped me to maintain my spiral do for not 1 week but 2 weeks! AND the only reason it didn’t last for longer is that I wanted to shampoo my hair, otherwise I’m fairly confident my “do” would have lasted a full 3 weeks! I knew the product was working when mid-way through the second week, a lady at work asked if I had re-done the curls because they still looked fresh.  When I told her no she was awestruck!

Step 4
I didn’t do anything else special with my hair except wear a bonnet cap each night and occasionally on mornings applied some Joico K-Pak Restorative Styling Oil or some Mizani Gloss Veil for shine.

Each morning I applied my makeup, shake, shake shake so that the curls wouldn’t look too clumped together and that was it! I kid you not!  They fell into place by themselves each time.

It was fantastic not having to worry about my hair every morning and it was also a great style to mask the copious amount of new growth on my head.  I still struggle with “the Strawller look” simply because (like I’ve mentioned in a previous posts) I think it makes me look more mature than I am, but the hubby absolutely loves it.  The first day I did he he sang out “I love your hair” and practically everyday I’d see him eying my head and he would comment further on how much he liked it.  Just between you and me I think he’s jealous of my hair lol.

I love the ease of maintenance, but not sure how many more weekends I’ll devote to the arduous task of setting my hair on those rollers.  The last time I re-did it I cheated and didn’t use as many rollers and it didn’t come out as nice in my opinion.  Spring is here; the weather’s beautiful and I want to be out and about.  Lord knows that Canadian temperatures aren’t normally this high in March.  Given the rising temperatures too, it means that I perspire when sleeping and the perspiration can ruin the curls.

Have any of you ventured into the world of Strawllers?  If so share your experience.

Author: DHO

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  1. Wowee…I love these curls. I still have not ventured out of my comfort zone to try Strawllers. Two to three weeks?? That’s wonderful. I plan to purchase the long & narrow curlformers to imitate this look. Thanks for sharing. I want curls like this.

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