Straightening 4C Hair

Straightening 4C Hair

Straightened 4C HairHave you ever attempted straightening 4C hair?  I’ve never attempted straightening my 4C hair since the pressing combs days because honestly I figured the results would be underwhelming. My hair is very coily and thick and more often than not, has a mind of it’s own. In other words, I can’t imagine it laying down for more than an hour before puffing right back out like a blowfish! I look at most straightening articles and videos with pessimism because I know deep down that regardless of what the person does or says “My hair ain’t gonna look like that!”

That was until I came across MoKnowsHair’s Youtube Channel and her video where she demonstrates how she softens, straightens and trims her friend’s very thick natural hair. The results are nothing short of amazing. In all my days I never thought it possible for 4C natural hair to be that smooth and straight.

Now some will frown at the fact that she is straightening in the first place, or that she has used so much heat, product or whatever else you want to complain about. My take is to each his/her own. If a natural girl wants to wear their hair straight for a change I see nothing wrong…just like I don’t see an issue if a naturalista colours her hair. Regardless of your position though, most will tend to agree that this is a testament to the versatility of natural hair whether you would do it to your own hair or not.

Anyway enough of my blabbing. Check out the video. Mo you can come do my hair anytime!

Author: DHO

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