Sisterlocks is a trademarked technique developed by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell.  She developed the technique after her interest in natural hair was piqued.

Dr. Cornwell wanted a way to have small stylable locs much unlike traditional locs.  It took her 2 years experimenting on her own hair to come up with the Sisterlocks technique.  While starting a business was never in her vision, the response she received from wearing her own creations was the catalyst for the creation of the company Sisterlocks.

What Are SisterLocks?

Sisterlocks is a technique that creates a “stable, woven, framework like a braid”.  This framework forms the foundation of the locing process.  The natural interlocking tendency of  African type hair then pulls into the interwoven framework creating a stable loc.  The Sisterlock technique allows you to create tiny versatile locs that can be shampooed and styled, without excessive unraveling.

How Do SisterLocks Differ From Traditional Locs?

Traditional locs use techniques such as twisting or palm rolling along with products like shea butter to achieve the locs.   These locs tend to be thicker than Sisterlocks and have a more difficult initial stage because of their tendency for excessive unraveling and their inability to be shampooed.

To be honest I’m was never a huge fan of traditional locs, but I do think that SisterLocks address some of the issues I had with traditional locs. Firstly the size. Some locs are very thick and the thicker the locs are the less you can do with them in my opinion. At least with sisterLocks you can manipulate the hair into curls using rollers or into a sultry updo. Case in point the lady in today’s photo! Her SisterLocks are absolutely beautiful! In fact everything about this photo is absolutely beautiful.  The locs are rolled into an exquisite up-do and of course the beautiful model and her exceptional makeup scream stunning.  Thick locs do not not offer this kind of versatility.

If you’re interested in reading more about creating, maintaining and the costs of getting SisterLocks, check out The SisterLocked Diva’s post here.

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