Silk Hair Wraps for Sleeping

Silk Hair Wraps for Sleeping

Silk hair wraps are an effective way to protect hair while sleeping.  In the morning does you hSilk Hair Wrapair look like a bird’s nest?  Do you toss and turn while sleeping?  If you’re anything like me then you probably answered yes to both of those questions.  Tossing and turning causes your hair to rub against your pillow, resulting in snags and causing tangles.

One way to help prevent this is to braid your hair (assuming it is long enough to be braided).  Well I’m not one to braid my hair before going to bed so clearly there has to be some other option for ladies like myself.  Bedding is another alternative -from silk pillowcases to satin sheets but these options are not always economically viable.

Enter a more affordable option –  scarves or silk hair wraps!  However,  not just any scarf or wrap.  Cotton scarves while good for allowing your head to “breathe” defeat the purpose because of their rough texture.  The scarf/wrap needs to be smooth and made of a fabric that won’t snag your cuticles e.g. satin or silk.  The scarf also has to be able to stay on your head for the duration of your slumber – not fall off mid night and yet again defeat the purpose of wearing the scarf/wrap in the first place.

For a while I found scarves that were silk or satin but I couldn’t sleep through the night and keep it on my head.  I tried du-rags but my hair always eased through the sides just behind my ears.  That was until last year when I found the perfect scarf.  It’s called the Pretty Wrap Silk Hair Wrap and it’s basically a combination of a satin cap and a scarf.   It’s 100% silk and stays on for the duration of the night.  It’s a definitely a keeper.

Whatever you choose, whether just a silk scarf or a combination of scarf, pillowcase and/or sheet, you will be helping to minimize the damaging effects of your tossing and turning  on your hair while you sleep.


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