Severe Hair Breakage

Severe Hair Breakage

This is really a relaxer update but bear with me…I have to deviate a bit to share my frustrations.   Last relaxer day was very disappointing for me 🙁  So disappointing that it took me six days to get into the mind set to compose this post.

You see I had my hair relaxed 8 days ago not because I really wanted to but because I had too.  It wasn’t helping that my hair was starting to look a little wild and frankly I was having an “ugly” week.  Maybe by some form of a premonition I wasn’t excited but I knew if I didn’t go when I did I wouldn’t have been able to go until September.  18+ weeks of new growth is not my cup of tea so I bit the bullet and booked the appointment.  Going in I knew I have a breakage problem.  Breakage comes and goes with me.  Sometimes it is regimen induced but most times it is due to external factors i.e. stress.  If work is particularly stressful or exam times roll around for example I prepare myself for the breakage and shedding to “drop in”.   Last relaxer day I discovered that not only do I have a breakage problem, but I have a fairly serious breakage problem in the top of my head.  I never realized it, but the hair in the center of my head has shortened significantly (less than half the length of the rest).  When my stylist brought it to my attention I was in shock.  In my defense I don’t have eyes in the top or back of my head but I was disappointed I hadn’t discovered it sooner.  In addition my ends were wispy and in need of a major trim.

Ultimately I went in expecting to lose 1″ maybe 1½” but after trimming away the  ends and adding a few layers to mask the breakage issue in the top of my head I instead left minus 2″ and even 3″ in some parts.   Basically 6 months of growth down the drain.  Just thinking about it makes me want to scream and slam something but I won’t (although I really really want to lol).  I have to roll with the punches right?  Well let me tell you it ain’t easy.  Back to the drawing board.  The following adjustments to my regimen have come to mind.

  1. Cut down on the long stretches.  Many ladies are able to pull off long stretches effortlessly but apparently I’m not one of them.  This was my longest stretch  (almost 14 weeks) since starting my journey and by far the worst results.  I’m thinking 8-9 weeks is a good time to relax.
  2. Add heavy protein to my regimen once a month.  I know I detest heavy proteins and so does my hair (so I thought), but I’ll give it another try if it’ll prevent this from occurring again.
  3. Ramp up on the vitamins.  I have to think back to the vitamin cocktail I was using when my hair was thriving.
  4. Trim every relaxer day.

As far as how the relaxer itself went…it was not as good as previous relaxers.  My hair was extremely thick and difficult for the relaxer to break down.  I eventually started to burn because it was quite tough to comb through the front and middle areas.  One surprising point was when my stylist rinsed my hair with vinegar after washing out the relaxer to neutralize the relaxer.  I’ve never had a stylist do this and truth be told I was a little impressed.

I also opted to get a temporary colour.  The only colour that made sense for me was black because the other colours wouldn’t show on my particularly dark hair.  I’ve tried colours and streaks/highlights,in colours ranging from sunset orange to burgandy reds but never ever black. The colour she used was Jazzings Bluest Black.  My first thought when she mentioned the name of the colour was “OMG bad weave”.  You know those weaves that are so black they look blue?  I won’t lie, I was a little concerned because she had already started applying.  Luckily it doesn’t look that way at all.  It’s basically jet black.  I can hardly tell the difference because my hair is very dark naturally, but the bf noticed the difference.  He says he can’t see the brownish hues anymore.  It’s ok but I don’t think I’ll be doing another black colour.  It’s wasted on my dark hair.

After the colour and unwelcomed trim my hair looked nice.  lol.  It has movement and some swang albeit not as much length as I would have liked.   No I’m not ungrateful just a little disappointed.  I’ll be sure to continue to keep you posted on my high points and my low points.  This was definitely a low point but worthy of being shared nonetheless.  I haven’t taken pics or anything to get an exact length but I imagine I’m back to barely grazing shoulder length!  Arrrggghhh…oh well it could be worse.

Have you experienced a considerable setback that make you feel disappointed?  Please share.

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  1. Glad that at the end of it all your hair came out looking okay. I’ve been here before. I’ve had to cut the super stretches from my regimen. I have been alot more successful since relaxing on a schedule every 8-12wks. My hair happy and so am I.

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  2. Hi, I just came across your site today in search of hair products reviews. I am certainly going through a very disappointing time with my hair, and it gives me hope in knowing that there are others that share my same hair challenges.
    I used to have very thick and middle of the back length hair. Over the years, I have experienced stress, bad hair stylists, bad products, and financial strains that have led to the downfall of my once healthy hair. In January, my hair was so damaged that I had to get cut off to the neck length, but I refused to get it shaved. After several months of wearing weaves, I returned to the salon in June for my relaxer. To my horrific surprise, all of the little hair I had left had broken off. I had to hold back the tears. And unfortunately, like you, I had breakage so bad I had to get the little hair I had left cut off; however, I still refused to shave the back. I had two bald spots in the top and middle of my head. Because, you cannot see in the back of your hair it’s very difficult to know what’s going on back there. With all the breakage/shedding, damage, dryness, and constant brittle, I certainly feel like this has been an “ugly” year for me, thus far. I just pray to find a beautician that can help me with a successful regimen to get my hair back healthy and eventually long.
    I’m thankful to have come across your blog, and I wish you well in your journey to hair restoration.

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    • @Ty – Thanks for the encouragement.

      @Monique – I’m so happy that you were able to find hope from my humble blog. I totally feel your pain. I too am disappointed with my hair but we just need to keep at it. I hope you find the ‘secret’ to restoring your beautiful hair.

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    • My hair broke very shor right down the middle. I still cry every morning when I comb it. I went 14 weeks Beth relaxers. She cut about 3 inches. I don’t wear short hair well. Sooooo disappointed

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  3. This same exact thing happened to me! My stylist noticed breakage in the top middle of my head. She held out a piece that was only about 4 inches long and I had no idea that was going on. Then in the end she cut off 3 inches overall! And for us ladies whose hair grows pretty slow… that’s a MAJOR disappointment! So trust me… I FEEL YA!

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  4. I’m also greatfuk to find this site as well. I have been having this issue with my hair breaking in the center of my head. Although I don’t even know rather to call it breakage. My hair in the center of my head is about 1 inch long the rest about 6 or 7. I cut my hair because of this concern about 5 months ago. It did not work. My hair is not balding its still thick hair there, it,s just super super short it won’t grow in the middle, I’m so taken back by this don’t know how I let it get so bad.

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  5. UGH same thing just happened to me. I was stupid and bleached my ends and I was really happy with my hair afterwards! I got a keratin treatment and with my blonde ends I felt hot. But I did have split ends so I decided to get a wet trim. Welp, the stylist cut 2 inches off of my hair 3 inches in some parts!! SO not fair, I worked very hard to get my hair to collarbone length. Now it is barely down to my shoulders. Some of my hair is not even shoulder length. I feel bald-headed again. I felt so confident that my hair was finally growing and then I had to get my progress chopped off…6 months of progress fml

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