Relaxer Update 03.06.2011

Relaxer Update 03.06.2011

I relaxed last Saturday at exactly 11 weeks.  My new growth was THICK!  I won’t kid you.  You know it’s bad when the stylist says to you “Oh, your roots are thick!” –  translation – “Girl,why you ent come in here and relax sooner, now I gotta work through all dem kinks!”

One of the reasons I was able to make it to 11 weeks this time around was in large part to my discovery of the Scarf Method Rollerset.  As a result I was not combing my hair during the week at all!  It would get combed on wash day in the shower with a ton of conditioner applied and with the Scarf Method Rollerset I was able to maintain the style without combing till the next washday.  If the curls got too loose I would just rollerset midweek before bed and then the curls would last for the remainder of the week.  For the most part though, I was able to get through most weeks without retouching the curls.  Yes they would drop a bit, but still maintain some semblance of a curl.

I have to admit – I liked playing with the thick new growth.  Some days I would find myself massaging the natural undisturbed curl pattern while day dreaming.  It felt so nice – like a spring.

I’ve switched to Mizani Normal Strength relaxer.  This is the second time I’ve used it.  I suspect that the Super Strength was too potent for my hair and likely contributed to my setback.  The Normal Strength accomplishes similar results without the excessive burning.  I almost always burn because like Murphy’s Law my scalp always itches the week before my relaxer.  This week was no different, but I didn’t burn as much as  thought I would.  I only started to tingle around the hairline when my stylist had finished working in the relaxer.  I was therefore able to go straight to the sink and start rinsing.

After the neutralizing shampoo she used vinegar (like she normally does).  The smell shocks me every time.  Man that is one disgustingly pungent odour!

My hair has improved quite a bit.  Still a little breakage, but nowhere near what was happening some 6 months ago.  I’ve gained some length in the front, but the back still needs to catch up.  My hair actually had “swang” – more than I can say for the last couple relaxers I’ve had.

If I can maintain my growth and retention, I can probably declare SL now but I’ll wait till after my next relaxer.  I need to concentrate on getting back the thickness now that the breakage is under control.

Relaxer 05.03.2011

Relaxer 05.03.2011


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