PuffCuff Hair Clamp

PuffCuff Hair Clamp

IPuffCuff Hair Clamp caught a glimpse of the PuffCuff Hair Clamp this week while trolling the internet and I have to say – I’m sold!

My childhood was plagued with the destruction of hair accessories.  Not through any action of my own, but from the sheer thickness of my hair.

Does anyone remember  pony combs/ring combs from the 80s? Those were no match for my hair.  My hair probably scoffed and laughed hysterically each time my mother attempted to wrangle one of those things into my hair.  The end result was broken pieces of plastic that she painstakingly then had to remove.

Fast forward a few years to banana clips.  Albeit stronger than pony combs, banana clips gave me two things I can remember distinctly – Asian features because they gripped my hair so tightly and headaches!

Just about every hair clamp, grip or claw that I have come across during my lifetime was never big enough, strong enough or comfortable enough to survive more than a few days or weeks at best.  Imagine my excitement when my eyes landed on the PuffCuff Hair Clamp!  I think I just about had a mini seizure from the excitement.

What is the PuffCuff Hair Clamp?

The PuffCuff  is a hair clamp for thick, coily hair.  The PuffCuff allows you to restrain your hair safely and securely without over-stressing the hair. “It works with every type of coily hair, from kinky to curly, to help you create many beautiful hairstyles without cinching your hair to the smallest point of resistance and damaging it.”

According to the PuffCuff website “Finally, there’s a hair clamp that can handle the challenge of thick, textured hair. Meet the PuffCuff, a “remix” of the banana clip, uniquely designed to hold and style even the thickest of thick hair!

The unique teeth are designed to hold the clamp in place, NOT to glide through the hair like a comb or banana clip. Even though the concept of the PuffCuff is similar to the old “banana clip” it DOES NOT function the same. The PuffCuff is designed to work with your hair instead of against your hair.”

PuffCuff Hair Clamp Demo

Where to Buy PuffCuff Hair Clamps?

I purchased my PuffCuff on eBay but you can also find it on Amazon and the PuffCuff website.  Stay tuned for my review of the PuffCuff Hair Clamp.  I will certainly be putting this PuffCuff to the ultimate test because I can assure you my hair is super thick!


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Author: DHO

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  1. I have been looking for something like this for the longest. I remember something just like it in the early 90’s and I have never seen them again. Now that Ive been natural going on 3 years, this would do me some justice. The only things that get close to the pony tail is the banana clip and that doesnt always give me the look Im looking for. Im looking forward to getting a couple of these for my collections. Im excited already.

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