Metropolis Technology Crane Clips Review

Metropolis Technology Crane Clips Review


Metropolis Technology Claims: Hold any amount of hair with just one clip! It works with any hair type and is ideal for long and medium lengths. The stainless steel pins and springs will not rust or corrode from contact with water or hair dyer.

Primary Features:

  • Unique Double-Spring System
  • Auto-Adjust Grip
  • Ultra-Secure Hold
  • Stainless Steel Pins

Ingredients: n/a

Price point: $9.99 – $14.99 US

My 6¢: I love these clips!  I bought them when I bought my flat iron because I needed something to keep my hair out of the way while flat ironing – my duckbill clips just were not cutting it.  The duckbills could only hold small sections of hair and even then, sometimes they would slip out before I could finish ironing sections and then I would be forced to re-section my hair.  Frustrating!  When I saw these I thought they were a good design because they pretty much expand depending on how much hair you have and the claws grip your hair in place.   I got them…and now I love them.  I use them for flat-ironing, pinning my hair up for steam conditioning or regular deep  conditioning and the list goes on and on and on.  Basically anytime I need my hair out of the way while I’m working on it, these bad boys come out.  Now these clips are pretty sturdy but they are not bionic clips so you still need to be gentle when using them.  If you’re using them with conditioner in your hair they do get slippery and therefore tricky to squeeze them open.  If you somehow twist the clip while you’re struggling to squeeze it open they can break. I’ve already lost 2 this way.   Maybe Metropolis Technology could add rubber or some other form of  grip to the handles or maybe just maybe I could wash my hand of the conditioner before trying to secure my hair.  Somehow I think the former is a better option lol.   Other than that I  have no complaints whatsoever.

My overall rating: (4.5/5)

EDIT:  After much deliberation I have to bump down the rating.  These break way too easily.  I’ve now lost all of my clips from the hinge breaking. Boo!

My overall rating: (3/5)

Author: Vogue

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  1. I remember checking these out. I will look into these again when I purchase my new flat iron.

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  2. Well said!…I use these clips too and they make a huge difference…firm hold and kind on the hair…I also feel u on having rubber on the tips for a firmer hold because they are a bit tricky to hold when wet.

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