Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Botanical Cream Review

Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Botanical Cream Review

Claims: Infused with eight plant extracts and macadamia oil, this weightless cream instantly nourishes, smoothes, and protects tresses while preventing frizz and split ends. Hair is left shiny and manageable.

Ingredients: Althaea Oficinalis Extract (Mucilage Végétal), Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Arctium Majus Root Extract (Bardane), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract (Romarin), Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract (Sauge), Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Leaf Extract (Saule), Hypericum Perforatum Extract (Millepertuis), Lecithin (Soja), Sodium Dehydroacetate, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Parabens (Butyl, Ethyl).

Price point: $30 CDN/1.7 oz

My 6¢: Phyto 9 is an all “natural” (whatever that means) moisturizer for Ultra Dry hair made without silicones, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or phthalates. It does contain parabens however, so if you’re a little anal about your products being completely au natural then this is not for you.

I purchased the product after a trip down south where the weather had not been as warm as anticipated.  As a result my hair became excessively dry.  I wanted a good moisturizer which seems very difficult to find these days.  Most of the moisturizers I  have used in the past seem to be loosing their effectiveness.  I needed something light and non-greasy enough that it could be used daily without weighing down my hair.  In addition it had to be very moisturizing.  I did a ton of research before settling on the Phyto line.  It had mixed reviews, but I thought I would give it a try.  To besides, since I was purchasing from Sephora, I felt comfortable knowing that if I didn’t like it for whatever reason I could return it.

Phyto has a few different lines, and interestingly enough Phyto 9  is not one from the line which targets relaxed and natural hair.  I was not disappointed with my purchase however.  Phyto 9 is infused with beneficial carrier oils and botanical extracts.  The moisturizer is light, non-greasy and easy to distribute throughout my hair.  I used a little less than a quarter-sized amount daily to combat my hair’s dryness.  After the first few days I noticed that my hair was more pliable and felt silky to the touch.  I was pleasantly pleased with the results.  I really felt as though this product was making a difference with my hair, something that I don’t normally experience so soon when trying new products.

The one shortcoming of Phyto 9 is it’s price.  At $30 for 1.7 oz, this product is ridiculously expensive.  The tube lasted me about 2 weeks!  That equates to  $720 before tax, if I use this product daily for a year.  That’s quite steep in my opinion.  As much as I would love to use this daily for an extended period, the cost prohibits me from doing so.  It’s a shame because I really liked this product.  I’ll treat myself to a tube sometimes but this now means that I’m still on the hunt for a light, non-greasy, highly moisturizing daily moisturizer that won’t break my budget every month.  Any suggestions??

Wow Factor: (4/5)

Phyto 9 is definitely worth a try if you can afford it.  I would certainly try more Phyto products based on my experience with Phyto 9.

Author: DHO

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  1. Glad you found a great moisturizer , too bad its so pricey. Wow, $30 for a 2wk supply. Have you tried Silken Child Moisturizing Lotion found at Sally Beauty Supply or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In? Those are my two staple moisturizers and they are pretty cheap. A little goes a long way with both of these products. They are both readily available. Neither product is greasy. Let me know if you try these. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    • I tried Silken Child over a year ago, it was good for a while but then lost it’s effectiveness. this seems to be my problem with most moisturizers. I think I also tried the Neutrogena Leave-in but I don’t remember how I felt about it. Maybe I’ll give it another go. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  2. Phyto 9 is a highly concentrated cream, only a pea sized amount is needed for people with average shoulder length hair.It sounds like you may have been using a little too much if it only lasted 2 weeks. One Phyto 9 should last you way longer than 2 weeks, I’m talking months. Because the longer you use it, the less you need. I’m talking from experience. My salon uses Phyto exclusively. And it costs $26, not $30, but I guess that’s not much of a difference. I use the Phyto 9 cocktailed with the Phytospecific Moisturizing Balm.
    After using Phyto (relaxer,shampoos, conditioners, basically everything!) on my hair, I’ll never use anything else. My hair is silky, shiny and has body and it’s not weighed down with oils and gunk. It is a prescriptive line, so you do have to know what you want to achieve before making product choices. Can you tell that I’m passionate about the product? 🙂 We did alot of homework before we decided on Phyto for our salon, it’s an investment but it does what it says that it will do! Your hair is beautiful by the way!

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