New Look – TWA

New Look – TWA

After several months of stretching I decided to take the plunge and go natural. Yes I said go natural. If you remember my Long Stretch post, it was something that crossed my mind but I was nowhere near ready to make that decision at the time of writing that post. To be honest it took many weeks since that post to finally make the decision. Despite the issues of having to relearn my hair texture, products that would work for me etc., my biggest fear was “What if I don’t like it?” I would stand in front of the mirror and pull back my hair so see if I could envision how I would look with a TWA. At one point it became a compulsion – every free moment was spent in front of the mirror stressing about “What if …?” – “Suppose I don’t like it, it would take me years to grow it back out, “What will my blog family think?” – yes you guys are important too.

My hubbie was the most encouraging husband ever. He was very much onboard for me to have natural hair. He reassured me over and over that I would look fine and when I finally made the decision to do it , he accompanied me to the salon. I didn’t tell anyone what I was planning to do because I didn’t want anyone to discourage me, so it was a big shock to everyone in my family and at work.

Luckily I like the look but I wouldn’t be honest if I said it was love at first sight. I took me a week or so to find the products that did me justice (more on those later) before I fell in love.

Everyone, let me introduce you to my new look. Thoughts?



Author: DHO

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  1. WELL DONE! You look gorgeous 🙂

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  2. Beautiful! Did you just cut of the relaxed hair or did you cut more? That is, is this how lomg your hair has grown in a year?

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    • Thanks Lisa. I transitioned for just over 6 months and then did the big chop in the 7th month. You inevitably always have to cut some of the virgin hair in order to get a properly shaped cut so my hair in those pics is not an accurate reflection of how much growth I had in the 6-7 months.

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  3. FANTASTIC!!!! I was looking at the post about split ends initially….but was interested in your other posts too. I think the hairstyle is very flattering and you have made a great choice….

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