Natural Hair Products

Natural Hair Products

Little did I know that going natural was going to launch me into a whole other world of hair products.  For whatever reason I thought I could survive on my existing stash that worked well for my relaxed hair. What’s that saying again? Hair is hair? Wrong! I was in for a rude awakening when nothing in my stash could combat my dry hair. As I mentioned in the last diary entry, I had less than a week to find some products that would tie me over during my vacation and time was ticking away.   My conditioners were suddenly too light, not enough ummmppph to really moisturize my super thick hair. Moisturizers worked for a couple hours before my hair reverted to a dry mass. I was desperate.

So off I went to the beauty supply store and there I found what was to be my first experience with a natural haircare line – Curls Unleashed. That was only the beginning. Since then I’ve tried numerous products from various lines – As I Am, SheScentit, b.a.s.k, Jessicurl, III Sisters of Nature and Curly Kinks. Some I like, some I will never use again, but I’ll be sure to fill y’all in with the reviews.

Almost 7 months later and I continue to experiment with different products in the hopes of encountering that ‘Holy Grail’ product or products that will transform my dry locks into soft moisturized coils for more than a few hours at a time.

Stay tuned, the PJism continues…

Author: DHO

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