Mizani Supreme Oil

Mizani Supreme Oil

This is Mizani’s newest product launch – Supreme Oil.  It’s a 99% natural oil blend that is silicone and mineral oil free.  I don’t have an official ingredient list but some of the natural oils it contains include sesame, jojoba, almond, avocado, olive fruit, sunflower and argan.  According to Mizani it’s multi-purpose and can be used on any hair type.

I have not tried it as yet, but it definitely looks like something that I would be interested in based on the description.  It does seem a little pricey with a MSRP of $25 but I’m sure that large volume suppliers will be able to retail it for less.

Are you interested in trying Supreme Oil?  Have you tried it already?  Do share your experience if you have.

Below is the write-up from Mizani themselves:

Supreme Oil is a 99% naturally-derived formula with 8 natural oils (sesame, jojoba, almond, avocado, apricot, olive fruit, sunflower and argan oils) that is silicone, mineral oil and paraben-free. Designed for any hair type, this ultra-light treatment penetrates and absorbs to treat and smooth the hair, so it is not greasy unlike silicones and mineral oil that only lay on the hair’s surface. Experience a truly exquisite treatment with an ultra-luxe velvety touch.


  1. Delivers intense moisturizing & exceptional softness.
  2. Imparts incredible shine.
  3. Nourishes hair and skin.
  4. Leaves hair and skin soft and silky.
  5. Helps enhance skin’s overall texture & appearance.
  6. Fortifies and strengthens hair to help prevent breakage.
  7. Improves hair’s elasticity and manageability.
  8. Locks out humidity for continuous frizz control.
  9. Non-greasy, fast-absorbing.
  10. Can be layered over or under other hair or body products.

For all hair types, our versatile Supreme Oil is designed for multiple use including:

  • Blow-drying or finishing.
  • Pre-shampoo treatment.
  • Moisturizing scalp oil.
  • Daily leave-in conditioner.
  • To condition locks, braids and natural hair extensions.
  • Total body moisturizer.

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