Men’s Hair – Twists I

Men’s Hair – Twists I

Sometime late last year after getting engaged my fiance decided that he wanted to grow his hair and stopped having it cut.  At first it was a self-inflicted challenge to see how much his hair would grow but as time progressed he became more and more attached to the puff on his head.  Initially I encouraged his hair growth because I thought it would be something different for him to try and secretly I wanted somebody’s head to play in lol.

Well months later and I’m happy to say that his hair has grown quite a bit, but not so happy to report that I’ve somewhat created a “monster”!  I cannot believe how attached he has become to his hair.  He absolutely loves his twists and every other week he makes sure to check with me about my schedule to make sure I’ve allotted time to twist his hair.   He’s also enjoys the numerous compliments he receives from the ladies about his twists.  I’m sure to tell him make sure he told them that his fiance did them lol

Besides being completely obsessed with his kinks, the twist phase has also been a learning experience for him.  He has experienced some good and some challenges especially since he suffers from dermatitis of the scalp.  From his perspective the advantages are that he:

  • Doesn’t have to spend time or money at the barber
  • Is able to achieve different styles than with short hair

But at the same time he has noticed that:

  • There is more maintenance.  Either you need to spend a few hours having it plaited on the weekend or spend time combing out that afro on mornings
  • It is more difficult to wash and keep the scalp clean  (especially when you have scalp dermatitis)
  • Professional maintenance is ridiculously expensive (he had it done professionally once and it came to $80+.  He left and swore never to go back lol :))

Some education has also been fulfilled:

  • He now understands the unique curl pattern in black hair.  His hair is a strange mix of completely straight and kinky.  The straight hair stick out like static hair lol
  • He now understands why ladies “tap” instead of scratch
  • Has a better appreciation for using products catered for blacks and not just any product off the shelf
  • He knows the importance of using a conditioner and detangling
  • He understands why you need to moisturize your hair
  • He can now understand terms such as “new growth”
  • He sympathizes with the exorbitant prices ladies have to spend in the salon.

It has also been a re-learning experience for me.  My hair hasn’t been natural since I was 13 so it was interesting to be reminded of the unique joys and challenges of caring for natural hair.

  • You hair is free of chemicals and therefore stronger!
  • Natural styles look very nice once done properly
  • Natural hair can be a beast to manage (which is one of the reasons I resorted to relaxing at age 13)
  • You don’t really have the luxury of  get-up and go hair especially when your hair is in that in-between stage.
  • Laying on your hair creates a matted mass that then requires some time to detangle.
  • Having your hair done (plaited, twisted etc.) is time consuming and can be expensive if you can’t do it yourself or have your fiance do it *wink*

All in all, I’m happy that he took the opportunity to experience his natural hair.   It was a learning experience for both of us and I’ve noticed a high incidence of my hair products gone-missing….hmmmm.

Stay tuned.  Next time I’ll post photos of his twists.

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  1. Lol, originally he had planned to cut it off for the wedding but now he’s so attached to it, I’m not sure what he’s going to do.

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