Men’s Hair – Twists II

Men’s Hair – Twists II

As promised, this post will feature photos of the fiancé’s hair twisted by yours truly. Of course this is not a men’s only style, it looks just as great on females, but I particularly like to see it on guys because it’s not quite twiggies and it’s still neat and professional enough to be worn in the office.

At first I used to do two-strand twists on his hair ( and part out even sections *SMH*), but after seeing this done by my stylist, I decided to try it out on his hair and was amazed at how easy it was. It’s VERY easy to do and in my opinion ( and his too) looks great. In fact, he likes it better when I do it as opposed to the 1 time he let a stylist do it but that might have something to do with the exorbitant price tag attached to have it done in the salon…hmmm.

To do this style I used:
Fine-toothed comb
Water bottle spritzer to keep hair wet
Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel
Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray
Oil Sheen (Optional)

What I did:

  1. First I started with sopping wet freshly shampooed and conditioned hair.
  2. I slathered the hair with gel. I did not try to spare the gel here as the gel will help to hold the twists  in place.
  3. Taking small sections of hair and using the fine-toothed comb, I kept twisting the hair with the comb as if doing drop curls.  I didn’t waste time parting the sections, just grabbed a section and twisted.  Parting slows you down.
  4. I continued until all the hair was twisted.
  5. Hair was then spritzed with the Sculpting Spray.  Through trial and error I found that the twists keep better if hard, so the spritz helps achieve this.
  6. The curls were then set by placing my fiancé under the dryer for about 30 mins.
  7. Sometimes I used a finishing oil sheen but that is optional.



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