Making Progress

Making Progress

Since my weave setback, I’ve been fixated on curbing the breakage and getting my hair back on track.  I took drastic measures and completely overhauled my hair products.  I tossed a lot during the move and offloaded quite a few on my fiance sine he is now growing his hair.

I’m happy to say that for the past 2 weeks or so I have experienced very little breakage and shedding.  The first week it happened I thought maybe it was just a fluke.  I had washed my hair , done the scarf method and rollerset the exposed parts.  Normally when rollersetting I’m left with a ball of hairs that shed/broke during the rollersetting process but I had negligible hairs to dispose after my rollerset.  The same thing happened on my wash day this week! Woot! Woot!

I’ve also noticed a difference in my hair overall….the details of which I proceeded to bore my fiancé with lol.  When detangling in the shower I lose less hair and when I apply my conditioner, my hair feels extremely silky!  I’m no longer losing a million hair when combing through my wet hair AND my hair has more body (partially due to my 8 week post relaxer).  Due to the body though,  I’m again able to maintain curls for longer than a few hours even after sleeping on them.  For example, I curled my hair yesterday, slept on it last night and did absolutely nothing with it today, but I still have the springy curls (albeit a little fuzzy) as though they’d been freshly done today!  This is also the first time that I can remember that I was 8 weeks post and not dying to get to the salon.  I don’t ever remember being 8 weeks post and not experiencing significant shedding and breakage.

It seems that I’ve managed to get my moisture/protein balance in check and that my cuticles are smoothing out. *knock on wood*  I’m quite pleased to be honest …in fact no…I’m ecstatic and hope that I can maintain it from now on.

So what products have I switched to?  Let me introduce you to my new products and practices.  Some of them are old favourites that I have resurrected because I know they worked for me before.

  1. Brocato Miracle Repair Shampoo – used once weekly (old fav)
  2. Brocato Mircacle Repair Treatment – used once weekly in shower for 3-5 mins. Makes my hair very easy to detangle and silky. (old fav)
  3. Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Moisturizing Shampoo – used as the first lather only because it seems to leave my hair feeling coated (old fav)
  4. Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Moisturizing Conditioner – used after the Brocato treatment with heat for 10-30 mins. Leaves my hair silky smooth. (old fav)
  5. JBCO – very heavy so only used sparingly throughout the week. Mixed with Hair Balm
  6. Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm – mixed with the JBCO to mask the smell of the JBCO
  7. Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Cream – daily moisturizer (for now)
  8. Joico K-Pak Styling Oil – used to add softness and shine (used before)
  9. Silica Vitamin – taken it when I remember
  10. Scarf method – used instead of full rollerset. Exposed hair is rollerset.

I can’t pinpoint a single product that would have contributed to the improvement of my hair but I suspect that the Brocato and JBCO have had a hand in the turnaround.

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