Long Hair vs Short Hair

Long Hair vs Short Hair

Today I started thinking about what length hair I prefer. Do I like it short or do I like it long? Truth is I like both, but I have to admit that long hair has certain advantages especially if you’re lazy like me. 🙂

I love love love the cut that I’m rocking right now and very often I consider keeping it this length for a while. It’s cute, fresh, snazzy without being over the top and frankly a nice change from what I’m used to wearing.

The challenge comes in the maintenance. We all know that shorter styles need more commitment. There’s straightening or curling to be done just about everyday. I do neither on a daily basis so I think you can can understand my challenge. In many ways I’m torn between the cuteness of a short cut and the ease of maintenance of longer hair.

This is my list of the pros and cons for short and long relaxed hair:

Short Hair

Pros Cons
Time saving – Shorter washing, drying and styling times (there’s less hair) Needs more maintenance – blow drying, styling, curling, straightening etc. which can be more damaging to the hair
A short cut gives you an instant makeover and very often can shave years off of your face Difficult to mask new growth and may force some to relax more often to keep the sleek look
Great when the weather is hot Expensive – May require more visits to the salon for cuts/trims to keep the style in check
The grow out or in-between stage is a bitch!

Long Hair

Pros Cons
More Versatile – Can accomplish more styles without the need for wigs or extensions etc. Longer washing and drying times especially if you rollerset
A lazy girl’s dream – can always be pulled back in a ponytail Requires a lot more product to distribute through the hair
Low cost – No expensive cuts or trims required. For the most part can be maintained at home. Depending on the stylist you may incur additional charges for relaxers. Yes it does happen even though it’s highway robbery!
Can boost confidence especially when it’s blowing in the wind. Detangling becomes more challenging
Allows you to stretch longer. Split ends are inevitable
Shed hairs are everywhere! Your vacuum will hate you lol

In my opinion, long hair is ultimately more affordable to maintain and enables my laziness so it may reign supreme in the end.

What do you prefer? Short or long hair and why?

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  1. I personally prefer having long hair. But I’m white haha. I have short hair at the moment because it was so damaged I had to cut it.my goal is to grow it to my thighs. Haha

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  2. I would have to say I prefer long hair because it was always a sign of beauty when I was in school. When a girl had short hair, they would tease her. But the longer haired girls always got the most attn. I thought that was really unfair. My hair has always been med. length so I had more of a prob. with my coarse texture than my length. Short hair scares me because some ppl. R just so rude if you wear your hair a certain way. Now that I’m older and work in the public eye, ppl. still give weird looks but it’s not as bad. I like my med. length hair. When I want to show the length off, I just get it straightened. If I want my hair to appear shorter, I get curls. So longer hair is much more versatile without the use of wigs and weaves. I also save $ styling at home vs. going to a salon every week to maintain a short look. The downside is that longer hair does take a while to dry, style, etc. But I love my hair and I plan to grow it longer.

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