Length Check 04.01.2012

Length Check 04.01.2012

I promised to do a length check some time ago, so here it is.

I’m currently 4 months post and for the photo, my hair was freshly shampooed, conditioned, blow-dried and flat ironed.

At this stage ( 4 months post relaxer), roller sets are a waste of time for me because the new growth remains puffy while the rest of the hair is straight – not a cute look trust me!  What works better for me at this stage is to blow dry my hair and then flat iron it to smooth and straighten the roots.  This way I experience less trauma when dealing with the two textures.  The downside to this however is the amount of heat required to straighten but in my opinion I’m not left with many good options – if I roller set, my roots are super puffy and I can’t comb through them, they’re also not a good look; air-drying does not work for me and I haven’t had much success with braid outs.  You can see why blow-drying is at the top f my list despite the heat issues.

I am in desperate need of a trim as I do have some split ends, but I just have not gotten around to going back to the salon.  Hopefully after my exams I’ll be able to pop by my stylist for some tress TLC.

Below you can also see a comparison photo of my hair growth for the past 2 years.  It has definitely been an up and down journey as you can tell by the Aug 2011 photo with my whispy ends – the remnants of a weave setback in late 2010.


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  1. Your hair is so gorgeous. I would give up my length for it to look as gorgeous as yours. Do you wrap your hair nightly
    ? My stylist wants me to get back into rollersetting and wrapping every night.

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  2. Thanks LaQT! I don’t wrap it every night. If I want my hair to remain straight I might wrap it or I’ll cheat and just gather it as though I’m going to put it in a ponytail, but instead of putting it in a hair band I’ll just fold it under and put on a bonnet cap. That works ok for me because I primarily sleep on my stomach. Most of the time I use the cheat method 🙂

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  3. Stumbled on your hair from a thread in Long hair care forum. Great progress!

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