Last Week’s Cornrows

Last Week’s Cornrows

Last weekend I paid to have my hair braided.  Now this is more of a rant than a post so be forewarned.

To make it easier on the braider (and on myself to be honest), I took the time to scour the Internet and find a style that I liked and could envision myself wearing.  I figured that would eliminate any misinterpretations that might arise if I tried to describe what I wanted.  It took me about a week to find the perfect style… it was the cutest thing.

Once I found the style I searched for a braider.  I didn’t necessarily want to go to a salon because there are many talented braider out there that can do the job for a fraction of the cost.  The challenge became  finding one.  Long story short, I contacted a braider and they agreed on price.  Appointment booked!  Hair purchased!  I was excited!!

I arrived at the location and showed the braider a video I had found of the style.  It was quite a comprehensive video.  Now if I take the time to show you a photo,  I’m expecting my hair to look similar to the photo…not exact but relatively similar.  However, if I also show you a video of the style being created from start to finish I sure as hell expect it to look EXACTLY like in the video!  Such was not the case after my cornrows were finished.  It looked similar, but not exactly like the style I wanted and for that reason I was grossly disappointed.

The technique the braider used to add hair was not the best and you could see where each join occurred along the plaits.  Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look totally bad, in fact the bf quite likes it, but I had my heart set on a particular style and that’s not what I have.  Maybe I’ll try my luck with another braider so if you know any talented braiders in the Toronto area that can:

  • do modern cornrows (not single braids);
  • look at a photo or video and replicate the style;
  • braid so I don’t feel like I’m also getting a face lift and
  • listen to their clients

Please, PLEASE  send me their contact info.

Despite the disappointing results I decided, I’d paid for it, it wasn’t hideous so I was going to wear it as long as I could. To help maintain the braids I mixed together Infusium 23, Better Braids Braid Spray, Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner and Keracare Essential Oil into a spritz bottle and applied it to my braids once a day. I covered my head with a wig cap and the remaining ponytail with an old pants sock. All that was then rolled up in my silk scarf before I went to bed.

Around mid week, I changed my braid spritz to just Better Braids Braid Spray and Virgin coconut oil. There was nothing wrong with my previous spritz mixture….I quite liked it but I just wanted to see how my hair would respond to coconut oil in the mix. I can’t speak to the results yet, but I do love the smell….uuummm virgin coconut oil smells so yummy.

Originally the braids were to last me 3 weeks, but I doubt they’ll survive that long. Since my hair is relaxed the straight ends are starting to fuzz. After I wash them this weekend, I’ll re-evaluate whether I need to take them down this weekend or whether they can last another week or so.

This is the style I wanted and below are the pics of what I have *sigh*.

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  1. No your style does not look like the vid. If she could’nt do it she should have said it when you show’ed her. Video number 2 thou, to bad the lady did not show how she feeds the hair into the twist. I know how to do the flat twist but not add the hair. I’m going to need the straight waft of hair lol that would make for a nice side bun.

    Your style is still cute anyway.

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