Keracare Silken Seal Review

Keracare Silken Seal Review

Keracare's Silken Seal Blow Drying Complex Last year with all the prep for the wedding I didn’t have the time to do many reviews, so I thought I’d get the ball rolling with some reviews that should have been done eons ago.  First up is the Keracare Silken Seal Blow Drying Complex review.

Claims & Benefits: Drying Complex seals cuticle surfaces to a silky, brilliant smooth finish.

  • Advanced silicone texturizing complex eases the glide of the styling brush during blow drying.
  • Oil free.
  • Dries to a non-greasy finish.
  • Significantly reduces styling stress and mechanical damage.
  • Eases wet and dry combing.
  • Creates lush body and incredible shine.
  • Leaves hair soft with an exceptional silky texture.
  • Makes blowdrying hair easy to manage.
  • Prevents hair breakage during blowdrying.

Ingredients: Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone Price point: $14 USD/2oz.

My 6¢: I bought the Keracare Silken Seal Blow Drying Complex  so long ago that they have since changed the packaging so the photo featured in this post is different from packaging of my bottle of Silken Seal. Despite the package re-branding I don’t believe the ingredients have changed. The Keracare Silken Seal Blow Drying Complex is all cones! Great news for some…not so great for others. I just happen to love cones. They really help to detangle and soften my otherwise unruly hair. This particular product only contains two ingredients as mentioned above.

  1. Cyclomethicone – a colourless, odourless silicone that helps spread other thicker ingredients along the hair’s surface (helping to make thick ingredients feel less tacky).  It also evaporates to help decrease drying time.
  2. Dimethicone – protects the hair by migrating to the hair’s surface to form a protective film. It’s non-volatile so does not evaporate like cyclomethicone.  Despite forming a film it remains permeable so water vapour etc. can still get through.

Both cones are great for easing wet combing, imparting shine and their spreading abilities. There’s no fragrance added to this product so it is odourless.  For those who have fragrance sensitivities this is a plus.  Although I love a sweet fragrance in a hair product I didn’t have any issues with the fact that the Keracare Silken Seal Blow Drying Complex was odourless. At approx $14 for only 2 oz. this product is fairly expensive, but may last a long time since you really don’t use much each application. The product itself is not super thick, however when poured into your hands it has a tacky or sticky consistency. I followed the directions and used a dimed-sized dollop and worked it throughout my freshly washed, conditioned and detangled hair and then proceeded to blow dry. I could feel that it did create a “seal/film” which probably sealed the cuticle to help protect my hair from the heat of the blow dryer. At the same time however, that “film” left my hair feeling weighed down and tacky.  My hair did feel soft and smooth but I didn’t experience the bounce or “swang” that I was expecting.

As far as the claim of  “eases the gliding of the styling brush” goes, I can’t say that this product made my brush glide any better than other heat styling serums I have used such as Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum or Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny for example.  What I can say is that the tackiness of the product if anything slowed down the blow-drying process for me because I felt as though I needed to exert more pressure to pull the brush through my hair. When my hair was flat-ironed after using this product, it just hung limp – there was no movement. Because my hair is naturally thick, my personal preference when my hair is blow-dried is that I like it to feel as light and airy as possible; to feel as though I never added any product (even though I have); to feel like I can glide my fingers through it without any hindrance; but most importantly I like it to feel clean because I just went through the trouble of washing it.

For these reasons I did not love this product – it felt too heavy for my hair, and the film made my freshly washed hair feel like it had a waxy coating. Having read all the great reviews about this product before I purchased, it was certainly disappointing that I didn’t have as results as good as everyone else. This is testament to the fact that everyone’s hair responds differently to the same product and what works for thousands of others will not necessarily reap you the exact same results. To be fair if not for the heavy film that is left on my hair I would probably love the Silken Seal Complex; however given this film, I won’t be replacing this product. I will see if I can try the other two products in the Silken Seal line (Silken Seal Liquid Sheen and/or Silken Seal Creme) in the hopes that they won’t be as heavy.  Perhaps this product works better for natural ladies who blow-dry.  Has anyone tried the Silken Seal Serum?  What has been your experience?

Wow Factor: (1/5)

Author: DHO

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  1. I have tried it and i liked it in the beginnibg. I put it on ser hair, let the hair air dry and the flat ironed. The result was amazing. Shiny, soft and light. But as ian using sulfate free schampo it didnt really take away all the silikon and it built up on the shafts eventually. So i learned that there are two things to think about:

    1 take ever so litte silikon, much less than you think

    2 you need à schampo that cleanes your hair propely

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