Kaela’s Natural Look

Kaela’s Natural Look

Meet my sis-in-law Kaela Reece- A 28 year old living in London while pursuing graduate studies.  Kaela has experimented with every type of hair “processing” and style except locks.  Be it texturized, relaxed or Wave Nouveau curl she has done it all.  Last year Kaela opted for a short pixie cut but in her journey of growing out her style, she  is now considering returning to her roots – i.e. going natural.

Kaela got creative a couple weekends ago and devised a neat way to get the natural look without the commitment.  Using her spare time and some afro-kinky weave she came up with a look that was not only ingenious but looks quite nice as well.   I’m really loving this look and have already negotiated having her do mine when next we meet :).

This is how Kaela achieved her natural look:

First I separated the front that would be cornrowed. Then I cornrowed the rest back. I had to use braid [i.e. extension braid for the cornrows] because the back of my hair isn’t long enough to hold the plait. Used two mirrors to position the base row, then sewed it[the weft] on to the braids – regular stitch, nothing fancy.
I used hair pins to pin up where the next row would fall. So I would go to the mirror, line up the hair weft, mark it with hair pins, then cut the weft to match and sew it.
Here you can see the front section that was parted for cornrowing later.
Almost done. When all was done I plait the front in cornrow and merged the plaits into the weave, holding them with hair pins.

Front profile

Side angle

You can check out Kaela on Hairlista.

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