Janet Jackson’s New Hairstyle

Janet Jackson’s New Hairstyle

I got a glimpse of this over at  earlier this week at Khalia’s blog – Obsession Confessions of Glamour and Love, and I can’t stop thinking how great this style looks.  I love it!!  I know Janet got some slack when the original photos of the slicked down version hit the Internet, but clearly y’all were mistaken.

The cut really suits her face and is a nice change from the weaves, ponytails and wigs we’ve come accustomed to seeing her wear.  The tapered sides and fullness on the top really accentuates her high cheekbones.  I’m not a big celebrity follower, but sometimes you have to give Jack or in this case Janet her jacket.  This haircut looks awesome.  Your stylist should be congratulated.

This hairstyle is sick (in a good way of course).  That plus the outfit donned at the recent premier of “Why Did I Get Married Too?” is just stunning.  You go girl!

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