I’m 11 Weeks Post

I’m 11 Weeks Post

I’m 11 weeks post people!!  And my hair has never been so manageable.  Yes it’s still thick and stubborn at times but this stretch is going times better than my last stretch which I had to abandon at 10 weeks because of breakage etc.  After my wash this weekend I will have a better idea how much longer I can stretch this relaxer, but for right now it’s looking like I can give it a couple more weeks….we’ll see.   If only I had someone to cornrow my hair for me I’d be smooth sailing (Leah where are you when I need you??? LOL).

I strongly believe that the manageability can be attributed to the Qhemet Burdock Root butter.  That and the Keracare Essential Oils are the only 2 products that I have been using on my hair daily to moisturize and seal.  They really promote softness and I love how the oil smells (so dreamy 🙂 )  These two products are definite keepers.

Let’s see how much longer I can stretch this relaxer.  If I could stretch till the week of December 13 that would be ideal, but no promises, I’ll be doing whatever my hair commands.

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