Freshly Relaxed

Freshly Relaxed

I got my relaxer today!  It was definitely time…my hair was singing to me.   The relaxer itself went fairly well..I got a couple burns and I also got a corrective relaxer to correct those under-processed parts.  Turns out my hair was more kinky than straight so my stylist went over all of my hair with relaxer but before you scream that she’s whacko to do that, let me explain how she did it.

First she did my roots, so the relaxer had time to process the kinkiest areas first.  After the roots were covered, she applied a very small amount of the relaxer throughout the length of my hair.  When my roots were almost done, she pasted more relaxer on the length of my hair, this time to saturate it.  So it was a sequential process. The relaxer sat on my hair for about 5 mins more then she proceeded with shampooing and styling.

I really like my stylist; she’s personable and knows her stuff, so I trust that if she didn’t think the corrective relaxer would have been good for my overall hair health she would have stopped me midway through  my suggestion.   She would not do this to my hair normally, but she could see what I meant about the kinkyness throughout the length of my hair.

I won’t know until my next wash whether those kinky areas are completely gone, but I’ll be monitoring.  I’ll also be keeping a close eye on my hair to ensure I don’t experience any excessive breakage.

I also learned something new today.  Like I mentioned earlier in my post, I got a few burns.  Did you know that you can use Polysporin on the burn to prevent your hair from sticking to it?  Well now you know…right after this post I’m rummaging through my medicine cabinet for some polysporin lol.

Oh, my stylist also commended me on my hair she said “whatever you’re doing keep doing it, you hair looks good”.  Her exact words.  I felt so pleased, like I had accomplished something.  *Sigh*  Well enough of me rambling.  Here are some pics taken after the wind had tossed my hair to and for on the way home so excuse the whispy bits.

IMG_0680_WM IMG_0681_WM
IMG_0682_WM IMG_0684_WM

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  1. Your hair looks great!! I love the cut. It looks so healthy.

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  2. Do you get burns when you relax? That really shoun’t be happening. If I were you I would check that your product is a good one for the hair and scalp and that you are following the directions carefully, I’ve never got burns with my relaxer so check that your not going through unnecessary pain.

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    • I don’t get burns every time I relax but I’ve determined that it depends on the stylist and how much I irritated my scalp the week leading up to my relaxer. If the stylist is careful and doesn’t let any of the relaxer touch my scalp then great -no burns. But if they’re not careful and I’ve been scratching all week then yes I will probably burn. I don’t think it has anything to do with the quality of the products.

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  3. What hair products were you using at this time?? You hair is gorgeous!!!

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    • Wow, this was such a long time ago I really had to dig into the archives to remember. I never just use one set of product – I’m constantly trying new product but around the time of having this style, I think I was using Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner, Moisturefuse Moisturizing Conditioner, Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo, Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk and VO5 Hot Oil Treatments. Those products were coupled with frequent dry oil treatments and steam treating on a regular basis. Hope that helps.

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  4. What hair products (shampoo, condish, moisturizer) were you using during this time? Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!

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  5. nice, very nicealert()

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