‘Mid-Week’ Wash Experience

‘Mid-Week’ Wash Experience

Ohhh…I need to share my mid week wash experience!

Excitement Contained Within!

Tuesday night I did a ‘mid-week’ wash.  Something I rarely do.  Washing my hair twice a week is not  part of my regular schedule simply because I do not have the time.  It takes a fair amount of effort to come home from a full day’s work to cook or study or clean or be a good companion (or any combination of) and still have time to wash and style hair.  Something has to slide and usually it’s the washing and styling of the hair.

Tuesday night however was the deliberate exception.  I could not envision getting through the week with my scalp in such a mess.  My scalp itched (and I scratched) until it was sore.  I had to put an end to the madness; I just couldn’t bear it anymore.

KMS Head Remedy is not my favourite dandruff shampoo (it works but it leaves a yucky coated feeling), but I still have a half-filled bottle so I decided to use it.  Three lathers were followed by a healthy dollop of Keracare’s Dandruff Conditioner.  This product had a welcoming tingling sensation and for the most part melted the tangling from the KMS shampoo.  To be honest I was very surprised by how well this dandruff conditioner worked. I normally reserve words such as “melted tangles” for Kenra, but the Keracare definitely gave Kenra some competition.  It even detangled better than Humecto in my opinion. To top things off, Kenra MC was applied before a cool water rinse and I kid you not my hair felt like smoothest butter you’ve ever imagined!  The softness was un-be-fricking-lievable!   I was in the shower just running my fingers up and down my hair for no reason except for the fact that my hair felt sooo soft I didn’t want the moment to end.  I’m sure all of you have had a hair moment like that – when you’re soo impressed by the state of your hair you just want to wallow in the moment.  Well that was me Tuesday night!  It might not happen again for a while so I had to get my fill! lol

After I dragged my fingers out of my hair and pulled myself out of the shower  my leave-ins were applied.  I used my usual leave-ins i.e. Lacio Lacio, Joico Styling Oil(new addition) and Keracare EO.  They work well for me so I wasn’t about to mix it up.

A blow dry followed as I couldn’t be bothered to rollerset.  I like to be practical (most of the time anyway).  I would have only been fooling myself if I thought I was about to sit and rollerset my head of hair on an empty stomach.  Hell no!  I wanted something quick and to be honest, one blowdry in the past 5 weeks isn’t going to kill me.

Once the hair was dry, I pulled out the Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Serum.  An initial application was done but before each section was straightened I applied more of the serum to make sure that all my hair was properly protected.   My flat ironed hair felt like silk – it wasn’t super shiny, but the feel of it was enough for me.

I thought about it and I’ve used all of these products (and techniques) before with normal results – nothing that absolutely blew me away.  Tuesday night however, whether due to the combination of the products or otherwise, my experience was exceptional.  Maybe I’ve found a winning combination or maybe I need to isolate the real winners.  Either way I think I’ll be trying this combination of products again sometime soon.

I was (and still am) very pleased with my experience Tuesday night especially since I initially considered it an inconvenience to be washing my hair outside of my regular schedule. My hair still feels amazing.

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