Cowash, Wet-bun and Scarf Method

Cowash, Wet-bun and Scarf Method

Gym + Thick new growth = disastrous hair days.

I’m back in the gym, I go about 3 times a week.  This week was especially challenging because my hair didn’t seem to want to co-operate at all.  I don’t think I’ve ever used so much moisturizer, glycerin or Wave Nouveau finishing lotion in one week!  By Tuesday evening it really hit home that it wasn’t even mid-week and I needed to get my hair under control in a hurry.

After a particularly hard workout I decided to try cowashing again.  I’ve cowashed in the past but I’ve always follow with a braidout with disastrous results.  This week I decided to try a wet bun.

After cowashing with Kenra MC and adding my combo of leave-ins and moisturizers (Lacio Lacio, Qhemet BRB and Keracare Essential oils) I starting detangling and combing through.   It took a couple passes (each time using a comb with smaller teeth) but I eventually got through it.  By the time I was done my hair was completely detangled – I mean detangled to the point where I could comb through with a medium tooth rat-tail comb without issue.  Feeling encouraged I decided to start combing back the hair into a ponytail.  Once I’d accomplished a smooth ponytail, I slicked it back with some more Kenra EO and after remembering a post by Sunshyne sometime back I got out a silk/sateen headband and slid it back onto the ponytail to ensure that the hair would stay completely smooth while drying.

By the time all that was completed it was close to 10pm and I had a few concerns about going to bed with my hair so wet.  I therefore sat under the dryer for about 30 mins on low and 10 mins on cool then went to bed.

In the morning I had the best ‘one’ I’ve ever had with 5+ week old hair.  Since my hair is short, I added a french knot and voila, results are below.  I’ll be using wet-bunning and the scarf method more often. The scarf method is an excellent technique. Thanks for sharing Sunshyne.

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