Aloe Vera Butter

Aloe Vera Butter

Aloe Vera or Aloe Barbadensis is a succulent plant of African origin, that is characterized by it’s spiny green stems and translucent rubbery flesh.

Historically aloe vera has been used to treat wounds, as a purgative/laxative and to soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis, ezcema and ringworm.    Its moisturizing properties and slightly acidic pH (which is very similar to that of the skin and hair) also makes aloe vera an excellent candidate for moisturizing.  Aloe vera is also used to help maintain smooth, supple skin and to control acne.

Aloe butter is not a true butter like shea butter.  This soft, off-white, semi-solid butter is made by slowing combining aloe vera juice and coconut oil.  The result is a soft butter that melts on contact.   The addition of the coconut oil, boosts the moiturizing properties twofold.  You get the benefits of the coconut oil penetrating the hair shaft as well as all the medicinal and moisturizing properties of the aloe vera.  This butter is definitely worth a try and I think I just might try making it myself.

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