Bridal Hair Series: Spiralicious

Bridal Hair Series: Spiralicious

For this week’s DHO’s Bridal Series, we’re featuring a style for the curly sisters. For all you type 3’s that want a simple yet elegant formal style, this style should be in the running.  If you have tightly coiled type 3 curls you have the luxury of probably being able to accomplish this on your own and still look stunning on your big day.  Just wash, condition and prep with a curl defining creme like Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream to enhance the curl pattern. To ensure the best results, a serum should be used to keep the frizzies at bay.

Relaxed sisters don’t fear, this style can also be achieved on relaxed hair with spiral rods like these.  I had spiral rods when I was in my teens and I won’t lie, those things are a bitch to handle, so have a friend standing by or get them done by a professional.  Another option would be to use Strawllers.  These are much easier to work with than spiral rods in my opinion and if you have the length and thickness you could achieve a very full head of perfect spirals!  If you need tips on how to use Strawllers, check out my earlier post here.

So go ahead and rock those spiralicious curls!

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