Bridal Hair Series: Pin Tucked Twists

Bridal Hair Series: Pin Tucked Twists

This week’s style is compliments of Nigerian actress Geneviève Nnaji.

Some of my bridesmaids are natural and plan to remain natural so my searches have also encompassed natural styles.  This style that Geneviève is rocking  is a nice elegant look for a natural sister.  I like that it is twisted/plaited and pin tucked and so could easily be done in advance with a little water based gel for hold and still look presentable the day of the wedding.

If the wearer’s hair isn’t long enough some kinky braid can also be substituted to achieve the length required for the twists.  The flower adds a nice touch but I would prefer a smaller flower or some other type of hair adornment with a tad more bling.

Source: Online Nigeria

Author: Vogue

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