Black Hair – The Korean Takeover Part 1

Author: Vogue

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  1. Watching this makes me soooo mad. I’m not against people having businesses. Korean or otherwise. Entrepreneural spirit drives our nation. But blocking other people out of doing business as the Koreans are currently doing makes me sick. It makes me reconsider the products I use and makes me want to switch to more black owned companies. As well as beauty supply shops, heck I think there’s a market, I should open my own!

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    • It’s a sad world that we live in is all I can say.
      There definitely is a demand for black hair products so if you have the passion go for it 🙂

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  2. It’s the same in London and it makes me so angry that I’m going to find a black company and I don’t care how far they are from me. When I go to paks hair shop they are rude and want you just in and out

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