Before Leaping Onto the ‘Brazilian Keratin Treatment’ Bandwagon

Before Leaping Onto the ‘Brazilian Keratin Treatment’ Bandwagon

…make sure that you do your research!!  I’m sure alot of us have heard about the Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatments and the success alot of curly-hair ladies have had with them.   They seem to be the rave nowadays. Well I was never particularly interested because of the amount of heat involved. Heck,  I have enough challenges maintaining length without adding that degree of heat into the mix.

Anyway I was just browsing Dr. Ali Syed’s blog and came across one of his post about said Keratin Treatments.  If you don’t know Dr. Syed he’s the Prez & Master Chemist of Avlon Industries – makers of popular brands like Keracare, Affirm and Syntonics. In his post “New Relevation Regarding “Keratin” Treatments”, Dr. Syed exposes that 3 of the more popular brands of these treatments contain illegally high concentrations of formaldehyde!!! Now formaldehyde is no joke.  This is a chemical used in the manufacture of building materials, household products and in the preservation of cadavers.  According to the U.S National Institute of Health, those sensitive to formaldehyde can experience, burning watery eyes, nose and throat irritation; coughing; wheezing; nausea and skin irritation when exposed to formaldehyde fumes.  To make matters worse, formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen (i.e. cancer causing substance) and long term exposure has been linked to cancer of the nasal passages, brain cancers and leukemia.  So if you’re thinking of having a Keratin Treatment done just make sure that you do your research; weigh the pros and cons and make an educated choice as to which product you will be exposing yourself to.

For more information on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment check here.

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  1. Hey Chick!

    I have been very tempted to jump on this bandwagon, however I am more afraid of the heat damage than I am of the chemicals. But, since I am also trying to be more “simple” overall, BKT just seems to be too much of an effort for me to do myself, and I’m not sure that I would trust a hairstylist to do it correctly. After all, it’s not like they teach it in most beauty schools.

    Also, I have enough to deal with when it comes to my hair, adding something else would be overkill!! I happy to see the ladies on LHCF and other hair boards have so much success with it, but for me……enough is enough. Next week it’ll be something else that is a “miracle worker.”

    Great Post BTW! 🙂


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  2. Hi,
    Don’t worry about the payback on using Keratin straighteners like Escova Progressiva.

    DIY application is easy as pie, no more difficult than using any deep conditioning product and the results are stunning.

    Oh yeah, it’s also actually beneficial for your hair, unlike other more harmful chemical straighteners.

    Check out my blog for lots of DIY Keratin info…

    Love from the beach,

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