Bantu Knots or Zulu Knots

Bantu Knots or Zulu Knots

how_rihanna_bantu_knots_front Bantu Knots are also referred to as Zulu Knots or “duuduubs”.   This style originated in Africa and has been worn by women of African descent for ages!  Bantu Knots are a protective style that can be worn on any texture hair.  These cute knots can help elongate your curl pattern or add curl and wave to straight hair when worn as a Bantu Knot Out.  In the last few years, Bantu Knots have become more popular in North America especially by women who have transitioned to natural hair.

Rihanna makes our Hairstyle of the Week with the Bantu Knots she wore to the iHeartRadio music awards on Thursday.  I’ve seen many Bantu Knots but these were by far “the” best Bantu Knots I’ve ever seen.  Feast your eyes!

Rihanna Bantu Knots

How to Create Bantu Knots

  1. Wash, condition and detangle hair.
  2. While hair still damp (but not sopping wet) separate hair in to sections and apply a leave-in conditioner, gel, setting lotion or curl cream to each section.
  3. In this step you have 2 options, choose one:
    1. Two strand twist your hair and then wind the hair around itself to create a coil.  Ensure that the ends are properly tucked under or
    2. Take the entire section and twist hair as if using a screwdriver until the entire length of hair is twisted.  Wrap the hair around itself to create a coil.  Ensure that the ends are properly tucked under.
  4. Secure the coiled section with a bobby pin.
  5. Repeat steps 2 -4 until entire head is finished.

How to Create a Bantu Knot Out

  1. Perform the steps to create Bantu Knots
  2. Once hair has completely air dried, remove bobby pins from each section.
  3. Lightly cover hands in oil or serum and untwist each section gently.  Avoid pulling them apart.
  4. Loosen twists by gently running your fingers through them, until you achieve your desired curls.

MahoganyCurls  has a tutorial on how to achieve a Bantu Knot Out on her Youtube Channel.  Check it out. Her hair is gorgeous!

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