Bad Hair Week

Bad Hair Week

This week was plagued with hair challenges. Allow me to share.

1st mistake: I missed my wash day last weekend  and never got around to it until Tuesday.  By that time my hair was limp, on the greasy side, itchy and just looking bad.  On Tuesday I did a second dandruff wash, followed by Keracare Anti-Dandruff Conditioner and Kenra MC and leave-ins.

2nd mistake: No deep conditioning.

3rd mistake: Instead of my usual roller-setting I air-dried with the scarf method (no-bunning).  By the time my hair was dry it felt like straw and my ends looked like a fox tail. I tried to reverse the “straw” effects with several different moisturizers but to no avail.  By Thursday I couldn’t deal with the straw so I decided to cowash.

4th mistake: All went well until I decided to try a new product – Salerm.  I’ve heard many good things about this product so naturally I wanted to try it.  I won’t discredit it based on that one experience but I really hope that my results were due to the challenges I had earlier in the week.  Again I tried to reverse the effects of the Salerm by applying Lacio Lacio without success.  Instead of enduring crappy hair for the remainder of the week I hopped back into the shower and rewashed.  I wanted the Salerm out of my hair so my previous cowash then turned into a full shampoo to strip my hair of the Salerm.  I used Deva Low Poo and then came mistake #5.

5th mistake: Instead of just using Kenra MC ( my hair saviour), I instead reached for Giovanni Smooth as Silk.  Instantly I realised that something was wrong.  There was no slip!  In fact, even though this product is moisturizing it is also for damaged hair and the protein proved too much for my hair on Thurs.  Kenra had to save my hair that night.  3 applications and 2 rinses of Kenra MC later I was under the dryer deep conditioning.  A final rinse and an additional application left my hair feeling almost normal.  I experienced some snagging while combing so I did a small trim to get rid of some of the split ends.

I’m happy to report that the entire experience did not end in total disaster.  After applying Lacio Lacio, Keracare EO and IC Hair Polisher Organic Carrot Growth Serum and blow drying (without flat ironing) my hair  was soft and manageable.  I have learnt a valuable lesson tho….don’t be afraid of the unknown.  Despite having such a challenging week I wouldn’t change it because now I’m armed with knowledge of what products and combinations of products do not work for me.  This is just as important as knowing what works.  If I had stuck to my usual routine I don’t think it would have gone badly, but at the same time I wouldn’t have known what I know now.  This is a journey, they’ll be ups and they’ll be downs but I  have to embrace them all as they all contribute to the journey.

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  1. I know all about hair mistakes. I can relate to missing the wash day, not using a D.C., switching prod. etc. All that sounds a lot like me. I’m trying to learn from all my mistakes. I’m 3 mths. in & I know I’ll have my reg. down 2 a science soon but it is def. hard work. 1 of the biggest prob. is having my hair feel like straw so I’m def. trying to find the best prod.

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