Anthony Dickey Method

Anthony Dickey Method

Anthony Dickey MethodThe Anthony Dickey Method seems to be taking the natural hair movement by storm.  So who is this Anthony Dickey and why is his method getting so much attention?  For those who don’t know, Anthony Dickey is salon owner, celebrity hairstylist and author of HAIR RULES: The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair.  His “method” is a 3-step technique for styling curly hair to accentuate the natural curl pattern.  According to Dickey, products are only 30% of the solution, however products without the proper technique will still yield unsatisfactory results.  The Anthony Dickey Method incorporates cleansing, conditioning and styling that focus on keeping the hair detangled, moisturized and elongated at each step of the process.  Read on for the steps involved in the Anthony Dickey Method.


Start with a generous amount of non-sudsing cleansing cream to wet hair.  Avoid using a shampoo/cleanser that will strip the hair strands.  Don’t be stingy with the amount of product used.  According to Anthony Dickey, you want your hair to be “juicy”.  Alternate between scrubbing the scalp and working the product through the hair by finger combing to detangle and elongate the hair strands.  When the hair is thoroughly detangled rinse out the cleanser.


Use a generous amount of conditioner to ensure the hair is completely saturated.  Anthony explains that by using a gentle non-sudsing cleansing cream, conditioning becomes more effective because the hair was not strip during the cleansing step.  Continue to finger comb the conditioner throughout the hair further elongating and detangling.  “Cowashing allows for a lot of versatility” because it infuses more moisture and enhances the pliability of the hair.   The curl pattern revealed during this step is your natural curl pattern.


Do not towel dry.  Rinse the conditioner and saturate hair with your favourite styling product.  Perform this step in the shower when hair is sopping wet to capture the curl pattern.    “Aggressively squeeze and elongate the product through the strand.”  After applying product, wet the hair to help further elongate it.  Do not rinse out the styling product!  Just wet it enough to reactivate the product and have the weight of the water to encourage elongation of the hair.  Air dry, diffuse or dry under a hooded dryer on a cool setting.

Check out Julee Wilson’s video tutorial with Anthony Dickey himself.

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