Methyl Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM)

Methyl Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM)


There has been a lot of “speculation” about Methyl Sulfonyl-Methane or MSM as it is more commonly known.  It is rumoured to increase hair and nail growth and that was enough to peak my interest.  Before trying it out however, I thought it might be a good idea to determine whether this is a fad, a myth or just plain rubbish.

What is it?
MSM is a sulphur compound that is the most commonly found elements in our bodies.   It aids in the metabolic processes of which sulphur is a key element.

Yea, yea, so what does it do for your hair?
According to studies performed by Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., he found that 100% participants who took a MSM supplement experienced increased hair growth, whereas only one participant on placebo or “dummy” supplements experienced increased hair growth. Also, 30% of MSM-supplemented participants “showed improvement in hair brilliance, while none of the subjects on placebo showed such an improvement.”

A simultaneous study also found that 50% of participants taking MSM also showed increased nail growth and thickness as compared to those on placebo.

Based on the results of the studies Dr. Lawrence concluded that “oral supplementation with MSM is a valuable addition to hair and nail growth. Hair and nail health was significantly improved in a short term of six weeks. If the trials were continued for eight to sixteen weeks, the results would have been even better for those on MSM.”

My thoughts
Even with all the studies and conclusions drawn, human reasearch with MSM supplements is limited.  It would be interesting to hear from fellow hairobsessors if they’ve had any success with MSM.  I’m still a little skeptical as I have a sulphur allergy and I need to know without question whether MSM will cause any adverse reactions before I take it orally.  I rather err on the side of caution than end up in the emergency room. Having said that however, my Qhemet Biologics contains MSM so I will be monitoring if it really has any impact when applied topically.

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  1. Pretty hair! Let me be the first to say that IT WORKS!!! My nails grow like crazy and they are very hard instead of brittle like they used to be. My hair is growing much faster than it used to. I tried almost everything and ended up becoming the most skeptical person on the planet. After using MSM (I take the 1000 mg capsules) I’m now a beliver and take MSM everyday! But don’t start out taking too much as it may cause headaches due to the detoxifying effect (yes, it detoxifies also!). I increase my dosage every 1 or 2 weeks by 1000 mg. I understand that since it’s water soluble it’s not toxic and any extra will come out in the urine. When taking it, be sure to drink LOTS and LOTS of water. It does work for me! And I am hair obsessed (always have been) lol.

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