3-Month Stretch & Relaxer

3-Month Stretch & Relaxer

I relaxed 5 days ago at exactly 12 weeks!  To be honest this stretch was not half bad.

By incorporating co-washing and wet bunning with the scarf method, I was able to take advantage of an easier stretch.  My new growth was more manageable and I didn’t have to worry about rollerssetting and sitting under the dryer either.  Another nicety I experienced was that this approach allowed me to mask my new growth without the use of  heat.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m deep in my stretch and I rollerset my hair, the two different textures are like night and day.  I have the woolly texture of the new growth against the straight relaxed hair….not cute let me tell you.  It’s also a bitch to comb; more often than not I end up with broken hair when combing through the two textures because of the sharp demarcation in the textures.

This relaxer was okay…nothing to shout about really.  Like Murphy’s Law, my head started itching  a few days before my relaxer and of course I scratched.  Needless to say my scalp was irritated and burned in some areas.  I did gain some length and I didn’t trim so hopefully over the weekend I can do a length check.  What did impress me about my relaxer day was a conditioner that caught my eye on display at the stylist.  My hair felt amazing after she used it so of course I purchased it and will be reviewing it as soon as I can.

Until next time keep nurturing that hair obsession. 😉

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